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Welcome to Belgium’s German-speaking Community (DG = Deutschsprachige Gemeinschaft). The DG is a member state of the Belgian Federation. The official language, used also in schools and courts, is German. The DG lies in the eastern part of Belgium, covering an area of 854 km² along the nation’s borders with Germany, Luxemburg and the Netherlands.
Approximately 75,000 people live in the nine local authorities that comprise the DG. They live along the fault line between two distinct cultures: the Germanic and the Romanic, which explains why the East Belgians are said to “work Prussian but live French”.
As a sovereign Region the DG maintains wide-ranging autonomy with its own parliament, government and civil service. The DG is essentially responsible for culture, education, vocational training and employment, family and social welfare and the supervision of local authorities.
Among the particular attractions of the region for visitors are its reputation for fine gastronomy and its unspoilt landscapes. The natural beauty of the area is extensively accessible via a network of cycle trails and a RAVeL cycle-touring route.
As a member of the Maas-Rhine Euregio and of the Greater Region Saar-Lor-Lux, the DG attaches great importance to cross-border cooperation.
The economy is marked by small to medium businesses. Economic trump cards are its prime situation and a multi-lingual workforce at ease with cross-border activity. The DG is situated at the heart of a trans-frontier market for employment, goods and services. So why not get to know the smallest autonomous region in the European Union a little better! You’re very welcome here.