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International Association for Translation and Intercultural Studies (IATIS)

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The International Association for Translation and Intercultural Studies (IATIS) is a world-wide forum designed to enable scholars from different regional and disciplinary backgrounds to debate issues relating to translation and other forms of intercultural communication.

Ongoing internationalization and networking, increasing population mobility, mass migration and rapidly developing communication technologies all involve crosscultural representation of one kind or another. Mediation is provided by translators and interpreters in some cases. In others, it takes a variety of less explicit forms and hence remains largely untheorized and under-researched.

Institutions and individual researchers across the world have been making questions of globalization and multiculturalism part of their scholarly agenda. Others continue to investigate more traditional issues of translation and cultural transmission. Translation studies is now an established discipline in many parts of the world. Intercultural studies is emerging as an area of study in its own right.

To date, no single scholarly association represents the interests of academics and researchers in these rapidly growing fields across the world. Existing organizations tend to be restricted in their aims and scope, whether to the professional development of translators and interpreters, to certain geographical areas, or to the narrower field of translation. At the same time, issues of translation and intercultural communication feature only occasionally in the conferences and publications of scholarly associations in such fields as anthropology, comparative literature, or pragmatics. Hence the need for a world-wide, broadly based association encompassing both translation and intercultural studies.






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