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Multilingual Manchester

Accedere al sito > Multilingual Manchester Multilingual Manchester is based at the School of Languages, Linguistics & Cultures at the University of Manchester.

Manchester's language and cultural diversity is one of its outstanding assets: More than 200 languages are spoken in the Greater Manchester area. Some two-thirds of secondary school pupils in inner Manchester have a heritage and family language other than English. A large proportion of Manchester's work force have excellent foreign language skills enabling them to communicate directly with business partners from Europe, the Middle East, South Asia, East Asia and Africa. The city's business sector includes commercial services that specialise in translation, import and distribution of books, music and films in other languages, consultancy and advertising in other languages, and more. Manchester's many ethnic and language minorities are here to stay, and multilingualism is a permanent part of our urban landscape in public signs and public services, in businesses, markets, and cultural centres.







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