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The Poliglotti4.eu project originated from the work of the Civil Society Platform on Multilingualism, which has been working on behalf of the European Commission on the situation of multilingualism in the fields of Education, Linguistic Diversity and Social Cohesion, Translation and Terminology, and Language Policy. The research has led to the development of a set of recommendations for the implementation of a European multilingualism policy, constituting the basis of the Poliglotti4.eu project, to which nine members of the Platform have committed.

The long-term goal of the Poliglotti4.eu project is that multilingualism be systematically considered, and appropriate multilingual policies developed and implemented, at grass-roots level everywhere in Europe. The participation of civil society in the European decision-making process is crucial, and the project focuses on three areas of civil society, which involve a large proportion of the population that is not in formal compulsory education: lifelong learning; pre-school; social/community services for social inclusion.